Pressure Keeper
"A Revolution in Bubbles"
In an effort to provide a full range of necessary products, from the home brewer with a CO2 bottle to the household that only wants to save money and use fewer bottles, we have assembled the following items for your use.


Hand held CO2 dispenser (12gram)

Adapter that screws into the hand held CO2 dispenser shown above (1/4" flare fitting to tie into supply line)


Handle is modified to allow supply hose to pass through and connect to adapter

Cap to hold seal and allow needle to pass through (Note 28mm is std, other sizes available)

Needle that screws onto the end of CO2 dispenser

Gage modified to accept needle and allow user to measure the pressure of pressurized bottle

Current locations to purchase Pressure Keeper;

We are currently looking for additional distribution channels both for Internet and brick and mortar stores.  If interested in becoming a distributor, please contact us.

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