Pressure Keeper
"A Revolution in Bubbles"
Other Applications
Using Pressure Keeper in the household for standard PET bottles will allow people to save money and minimize the number of bottles that are put into landfills each year.
Since most PET bottles have a 28mm cap, Pressure Keeper can be used to keep carbonated beverages such as soda fresh and help minimize waste.
One of the most economical ways to purchase soda is in a 2 or 3 liter bottle.

Breweries along with other outlets for beer and other carbonated beverages can benefit from Pressure Keeper by offering an economical method to ensure that the product they sell is delivered fresh and with proper carbonation.  This will help ensure the quality of the product they are delivering. 

Pressure Keeper can also be used to transform standard still water into seltzer water.  If desired, flavoring or juices can be added to the water to offer more variety.  In addition to water, it is possible to carbonate juices and other health drinks to provide a unique change of pace or convince kids to drink something other than soda.
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