Pressure Keeper
"A Revolution in Bubbles"
About Us

For several years while brewing beer and drinking more soda than we should one thing that always frustrated us was that when we wanted to take beer to a party or to some friends to test it was not easy.  As for soda, the most economical and green way to consume soda is to use 2 and 3 liter bottles.  Unfortunately if you do not consume them in a timely manor, they go flat and then you pour out the drink adding more quickly to landfills.  After several prototypes and more money than we want to think about, we have a very economical paten pending way for consumers to alleviate both of these issue.

The seal used in Pressure Keeper is made from an FDA approved material and is designed with a crown on the bottom of the seal to help close the hole once the needle is removed.

If you have any questions, please contact us via email.

Simple Overview Instructions
(video link below)

  • Place beverage in bottle designed to hold pressure
  • Place seal in cap with crown facing away from cap
  • Tighten cap onto bottle, please ensure proper thread engagement
  • Wet needle and insert into seal
  • Apply 10-20psi of CO2 into bottle if maintaining a previously carbonated beverage. 
  • Remove needle quickly (similar to inflating a sports ball)
  • Repeat pressurizing process 3 times if converting a still beverage to a carbonated beverage.  Also use 30-40psi

Video link to demonstration of Pressure Keeper being used
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